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Car Auction

Access Over 100,000 Cars at our car auction portal!

One of the best ways to purchase used cars from Japan is through Car Auctions. There are many benefits to using Japan Car Auctions, as they offer easy access to over 50,000 cars sold daily at the most competitive prices in Japan. With over 120+ Used Car Auctions in Japan, not to mention various smaller auctions, you have a wide selection to choose from.

The main advantage of purchasing through Japan Car Auctions is that each individual car undergoes a thorough manual inspection by professional mechanics, and an evaluation (auction sheet) is provided. This evaluation gives you, the prospective buyer, a clear picture of the car's condition both inside and out. Auctions also offer some of the lowest prices on the market, compared to stock cars, for example.


How to buy from cars auction?

Car An Auctioneer

Submit Inquiry Form to Get Contract with Our Auction Agent

Security Deposit

Once you Decided to buy Particluar Car Please make Security Deposit before Biddin. After Auction Deposit is received, an Auction Consultant will Start Locating your Target Car

Bidding Price

You have carefull while decinding the Bidding Price of an Auction Car. Once Car Bidding Price is Determined, the Acutioner will bid on Car at your Target Price

Auction Result

If you Bid is Won, Please Make remaining Payment, if your bid unsucefull then seciruty deposit wil be refunded on you can use it for another vhechicle

Vehicle Shipment

Once All payment is confirmed Supplier will ship the Car to your Port with all necessary Document

Cars Auction important information

FAQs About Car Auction

1Is there a need for Deposit to check Vehicles in Auction?

Yes, a deposit is required even to check vehicles in the auction. It is a standard practice to maintain the integrity of the bidding process and secure the interests of both the buyer and the auction house.

2What if I do not find the Vehicle I want to Buy?

If you do not find the specific vehicle you are looking for in the current auction, do not worry. We have an extensive network and can keep an eye out for your desired vehicle in future auctions. Your deposit will remain valid until you successfully purchase a vehicle.

3Why buyers need to make a Deposit?

Buyers are required to make a deposit to ensure the security and legitimacy of the bidding process. The deposit serves as a commitment and helps prevent any last-minute bid cancellations or fake bids, providing a trustworthy auction environment for all participants.

4How can I Pay the Deposit?

You can easily pay the deposit through various secure payment methods. We offer options such as bank transfers, online payments, or other approved payment gateways for your convenience. Please check our Bank Detail Page for further Details.

5Are You’re the Member of Car’s Auction Houses

Yes we are the Member of following Action houses Member

  1. USS Tokyo (Used Car System Solutions Tokyo)
  2. JAA Tokyo (Japan Automobile Auctions Tokyo)
  3. ARAI (ARAI Auto Auction)
  4. AUCNET (Auction Network)
  5. TAA (Toyota Auto Auctions)
  6. CAA Chubu (Central Auto Auction Chubu)
  7. NAA Osaka (Nissan Auto Auction Osaka)
  8. HAA Kobe (Honda Auto Auction Kobe)
  9. JU Kobe (Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association Kobe)
  10. ZIP Osaka (Zen Nippon Kuyou Jidosha Kogyosho Osaka)


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