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At SHAFEEQ TRADING CO LTD, we house one of the most extensive new and used car databases in Japan. Our commitment is rooted in daily updates of our Stock List and other offerings. With user-friendly features like new and used car reviews, an advanced search function, and instant quotes, we've simplified the process of purchasing new and used cars.

Our Mission:

To be the global leader in providing seamless access to Japan's finest new and used cars, while ensuring exceptional service and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision:

Our mission is to offer a comprehensive platform that connects car enthusiasts worldwide to a diverse range of quality vehicles, supported by our expertise in language and trade, thereby fostering a smooth and transparent car buying experience.

Our Expertise and Skills:

  1. Global Export: Our primary focus is exporting vehicles to foreign countries, with an average monthly exportation volume of 500 cars.

  2. Worldwide Reach: We facilitate exports to every corner of the globe, making quality vehicles accessible internationally.

  3. Industry Association Membership: Proud members of all Japanese Dealer Associations and Japanese Auto Auctions, validating our commitment to ethical trade practices.

  4. Multilingual Support: Our team comprises language experts in Japanese, English, Russian, and Urdu, ensuring seamless communication across borders.

At SHAFEEQ TRADING CO LTD, we are a leading exporter of both Right Hand Drive (RHD) and Left Hand Drive (LHD) cars. Our unwavering commitment lies in providing excellence in service and achieving customer satisfaction.

  • Vehicle Purchase: Explore our website to order new and used cars from our diverse stock list. You can pick up your vehicle from our yards or arrange for global shipment.

  • Auction Assistance: Rely on our seasoned auction expertise to secure the best deals for both new and used cars, ensuring maximum value for your investment.

As a testimony to our dedication, we invite you to discover the automotive treasure you seek within our stock list. We extend our gratitude for considering us as your trusted partner in the world of automobiles.

Contact Info:

Company name : Shafeeq Trading.

Headquarter : INAHO 5-6-6 OTARU-SHI, HOKAIDO, 047-0032 JAPAN

Mobile Number : +81-134-22-9387

Email : shafeeqtrading@live.com

Website : https://shafeeqtrading.com/

WhatsApp : +81-80-8296-2824

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